Boomlog; Webware services!Boomlog; Webware services!Boomlog core can help the online side of your business to achieve more success in case of time and cost are the priority.
What is Boomlog!What is Boomlog!Boomlog© is a content management Webware! In our vocabulary, Webware is a multi-tool that you need it on the online side of your business. Boomlog© core written in c# Boomlog© allows you to create, upload, manage, ..., analyze, and post your content on the internet or your close network on demand.
VIRAWARE™ SMART SOLUTIONVIRAWARE™ SMART SOLUTIONWe offer high-end web/cross-platform application solutions, including analyzing, system designing, implementing, testing, publish, content producing, data entering, web exposure (SEO & social media management), and production maintenance.
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